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South Africa, World Cup 2010

World Cup is quickly approaching and are you ready to hit up an adventure over to South Africa and get a game in that budget of yours? Well, back in the day I was planning this big trip with a few people to backpack South Africa and to see at least one game for the World Cup 2010. However, life got a little busy for a few including me and now no one can make that trip, but as for I it is still on that list somewhere. Starting in June the games being and Cape Town will be swamped with tourists and Soccer (Football) lovers. Yet, many social medias are now starting to talk about how unsafe it really is to travel over to Cape Town and watch the FIFA World Cup. Many concerns are about how high the crime levels are and how many tourists need to be cautions. So all this negative feedback can be a little disturbing, but does that stop you from seeing one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and a FIFA game? Well for me it does put a little warning in my head, but that does for any country. It really comes down to making sure you have adequate travel insurance, being aware of the local laws, cultural differences, and making smart decisions. It you do a little research before you go to scope out the main attractions, where the tourists stay, and where to eat. I say you should be okay if you watch your back and be wise about where to site see. Plus why would you want to miss out in seeing a FIFA game due to it being said to be a dangerous city, well I believe every city can be dangerous if you aren’t careful enough.

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