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Safety Travel Tips For Women

When I backpacked Europe of a year, I had to find smart, easy ways to keep my most important belongings close to me. Not only my valuables I had to take special care of, but also myself. Since it is a fact that all women need to travel 100 percent more carefully than men, due to basic problems that can occur very easily. A few quick tips I have learned over that last few years from backpacking is watch the crowd, carry a personal alarm, avoid showing your money, and don’t bring bling.

Watch the crowd

Be aware of your surrounding by constantly keeping a close eye on your bags, the people around you, and avoid getting rubbed against from anyone. I find people who are to close and who happen to be keeping a close eye on you or suddenly bump into you, are up to no good.
When I was living in Dublin, Ireland there was a moment in a shoe store, were I thought this lady was keeping a close eye on me, but I just assumed that she just knew I was tourist. However, once I put my purse down to try a pair of shoes on she quickly grabbed my bag and ran. I started running after her, but the store security guard grabbed me and mentioned to not even bother chasing her. I found out last that night that often tourists will chase the individual and get stabbed or over all get badly hurt. So I quickly learned my lesson, trust your gut and keep you eyes wide open at all times.

Carry a safety device

Before I left for my first big backpacking adventure my father got me a personal alarm. It was not like any regular alarm. This thing made one hell of a noise if you pull on the trigger. It’s a small square shape device, with a hand held string attached to it. If you pull the string fairly hard the device will literally scream and blow your ear drums, trust me its loud. I once by mistake pulled the string on a train and I swear everyone on the train was not only staring at me, but they were all covering their ears tightly. I think it’s a perfect device for solo women backpackers, who need a safely net.

Avoid showing your money

So this really goes for any backpacker, never show your money out in the public eye. Even if it’s only a few bills, you will have those few individuals staring and thinking of ways to take advantage of the situation. Try to bring your money out in front of a clerk or somewhere safe, where you know people can’t see you.

Ladies don’t bring Bling

So yes, there will be times you want to look good for going out on the town and hitting up a few bars/clubs, but trust me wearing jewelry is not worth it. A thief can easily injure you from pulling at your necklace from your throat or even grabbing your arm to get a bracelet. If they want that item that you are wearing, oh they will get it some way or another. I find, wearing something simple but pretty with no jewelry is the best way to avoid any of that trouble. Plus when backpacking we never look as good as we can. Its just part of the adventure.

So these are just a few easy tips to know, but over all just be smart when you backpack. If you are aware of your surroundings and know how to carry yourself well….well you should be just fine.

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