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Long-Distance Relationships- Can They Last?

You’re in a stable relationship for a year, or two, or four, or whatever. Things seem to go well. You are both happy with each other and enjoy spending regular quality time together. Then, an opportunity arises for one of you to study or work abroad for a few months… would you take the opportunity and risk the relationship?

Although enthusiasts would argue that a solid relationship can survive the distance, my question is: How long until one of the two falls out of love? The one abroad is living a fantasy life throughout those few months: New country, new culture, new friends and a new adventure all together. It’s quite easy to meet people and forget about home. The one left behind is lonely, feeling a void and looking for company. Whether you are having too much fun or feeling lonely, both situations create an opportunity to meet a new mate.

The truth of the matter is that temptation is all around us. You’ll be tempted to cheat at work, in a club, in a lounge or even in the streets! Fighting that temptation is a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activity for some. This being said, resisting to that temptation when your better half resides in the same city becomes a little easier because not only are you connected emotionally but you are also connected physically to one another which obviously strenghtens your bond. But what happens when you’re apart? Does the lonely half find companionship with someone else? Does the one living the good life meet someone more interesting abroad?

Long-distance relationships are without a doubt a gamble. The willingness to want to make it works needs to be at 150% on both sides. Otherwise, it will come crashing down relatively quickly. Another key factor is TRUST. Yes, yes, yes, we all know about it but how many of us trust our significant other 100%? Most of us always have a percentage reserved for doubt.

Would you be ready to risk your relationship for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity abroad?

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