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Risky Drinks Around The World

Throughout the years I have gone from loving a classic sweet alcohol beverage to now thoroughly enjoying a glass of red wine. Over the years I guess my taste buds have definitely changed, but also my thoughts about calorie intake and how dangerous certain drinks can be. So I went wandering off a little to find the most risky drinks around the world. Now a few of these drinks I have heard of from my past backpacking adventures, however a few caught be a little off guard. So before you backpack around the world and hit up a bar or nightclub I would keep in mind a few of these deadly drinks.

Cicha, Peru

A local free drink is served in many nightclubs and bars, but is for sure an adventurous beverage. This drink is made from a root that is grow in the Amazon and once chewed on enough and spat in a bowl the root will turn into blue-white goo. Now this goo is fermented to create a strong dose of sold spins in your mind.

Poteen, Ireland

When living in Dublin for a few months during my trip to Europe in 2004 I did indeed hear about this drink, but never did I have the guts to try it. Since this drink is known to knock you off your feet for a few hours, I wouldn’t be fooled in how yummy it is. This drink comes from the rural areas in Ireland and made in large buckets. However, over the last few years a slightly sweeter cocktail base has been added that will lively increase your mind into a spinning motion. So if you are a very adventurous type, maybe you can try it and let the rest of us know how it goes for you. Just to let you know this drink is about 45 euros a shot!

Mezcal with agaves worm, Mexico

I have seen this drink a couple of time when I lived in San Diego and visited Mexico often, but once I look at this drink it kind of made me sick. I am not much of an individual who likes nasty looking worms. Yet, this worm in this drink is known to be harmless. Plus the worm is what does the trick to spike up the quality of the drink. It is said that these worms possess hallucinogenic qualities. Anyways you can find this drink in about anywhere in Mexico and it’s really cheap. If you want to purchase this drink anywhere else in the world it is about on average $45.

Snake Wine, Vietnam

Until I started searching for crazy drinks, I never heard of this drink and the snake part caught my attention. Now this drink is exactly what you think, yes you get to taste a little flavor of snake! Funny!!!? The main ingredient is cobra venom drained into a bottle with many herbs mixed in to create an unique flavor. So yes this drink is all poison, and little on the expensive side, well thats if you have the guts to try this drink!

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