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Destinations That Are Disappearing

Now when it comes to deciding your backpacking route it can be a little difficult. Well that’s if you have long list of places to see, like me. I have cut down that list to consider a few things before now choosing where to go next. I find with our climate changing consistently you especially need to be aware of what destinations will disappear sooner than others. I am for real about this, check out these amazing sites that are slowing disappearing.

Victoria Falls

As our planet is getting warmer many Africans are getting worried that the Zambezi river that runs to the falls will soon dry up. Now not only will the falls become less magnificent, but also the surrounding forest. Since the mist of the falls is what keeps the forest around it so stunningly green. So if you want to see the spectacular Victoria Falls I would keep it on the top of your travel list.

Mount Kilimanjaro

I have always wanted to climb this mountain, but now I think I should hurry along and do so. Since nearly 80 percent of the ice fields that make up the most dazzling view in Africa are quickly disappearing. Many scientists calculate that by the time this decade is over there will be no snow left on the mountain.


I am among the lucky backpackers to already have the chance to experience the beautiful lagoon city. For those who have not been yet and know that the city is sinking, well I would hurry to see this city if I were you. The only reason why this city is sinking is because of global warming once again. The sea level is increasing dramatically and within the next 20 years, about seven feet of water will be covering St. Marks Square and not to mention many beautiful buildings will be ruined.

When I saw Venice back in 2005, already 70 percent of the residents of the city have moved inland. Only those who own shops for tourist gifts, still live within the city.

Pyramid of Giza

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the world has been decaying over the years, but many people thought is was only due to the climate change, well that is true, but also another factor is a the main problem. This wonder of the world has been the worst kept attraction for across the world. The local management has not been so careful to protect such an amazing site. So I would hurry to see this wonder of the world, before the pyramid becomes unbearable to experience due to the conditions.

These are just a few places in the world that are being attacked by global warming, but there are still many sites in the world that are disappearing too, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Everglades, and the Maldives.

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