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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Believe it or not, the next Winter Olympics is just around the corner. The opening ceremony will take place on February 12!  And you know what? This Winter Olympic will be hosted in the warmest location in the history of the winter Olympics- Vancouver, Canada!

As athletes around the world get ready to perform at this year’s Olympics, their ultimate goal is to WIN- to win a medal. But what about these medals? Here are some interesting facts:

The medals are inspired by ocean waves, drifting snow and mountaineous landscape-  all are symbolic of Canada as a whole.

The medals are based on two master artwork of an orca whale (Olympics) and raven (Paralympic)

The medal weighs between 500-576g- depending on the medal

Good luck to all the athletes competing this year. And a special good luck to all Canadian athletes!

Off-Track Backpacking is PROUD to be Canadian!



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