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The 2010 Winter Olympic T.V Channels. Who Will Get The Best Stories?

No matter where you are in the world or Canada the Olympic games will be on many different channels, but who is covering the biggest events/ stories? Well only a handful of networks get the real chance to feature the mainstream events and present the biggest highlights.
All sport fans generally will be watching CBC. Yes, CBC will be covering your biggest fans, but the main source to keep your eyes glued to is CTV. The 2010 winter Olympics are partnered with CTV, who then will be receiving the in-depth coverage for about everything. Wherever the hot new or upcoming athlete will be, CTV will be smacked down on that story and will not be missing out on anything that is significant. CTV mentioned that their news updates would be based on the “Best of the Best”. So the other multi coverage networks will include OLN, TSN, APTN, ATN, OMNI 1 & 2, and MuchMuch. So for alternative features on the games, check out these channels, but remember they might now the “happening story” compared to what CTV will be reaching out for. All you need to do is see CTV site, and so far they are way a head of the game to who will be getting the hot tips within the Winter Games.
Now of course NBC is another hot channel, but they are going to be the number one coverage channel for the States. Yet, everyone knows how NBC is very different compared to most of the Canadian channels, so it will be very interesting watching the America perceptive towards the games. Plus most of the overage on this channel will be about hockey.
The real test for these entire channels will be who will get the story first. Since in every Olympics there are stories about scandals, drugs, judging mishaps, and failures within the Olympics. So for my guess I believe CTV will be getting the top of line stories starting February 12.


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