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The Tiger Will Compete With Cupid

As most of us around the world will be too busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with our significant others, friends or families, the ethnic Chinese will be celebrating their most traditional Holiday- the Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger).

The tiger represents one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac signs associated to the Chinese calendar, which means that every animals comes up every 12 years.

Here are fun facts about the Chinese New Year:

1. It’s never on the same date. The Chinese New Year lands on the first day of the new moon. The exact date is determined by the observatory in Nanking so the date changes every year. It however always falls between January 21 and February 20.

2. Number 4. For Asians, number 4 represents misfortune to the point where all buildings don’t have a 4th floor- it jumps from 3 to 5. And this year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 14th. Uh ohhh…! 

3. Red envelopes. Married couples fill red envelopes with money (typically small bills) and distribute them to the young ones or single people to bring them prosperity, longevity and luck.

4. Number 8. It’s their lucky number! 8′s  are popular in telephone numbers and street addresses.

5. Not only Chinese. To be politically correct, we shouldn’t be calling the Holiday the Chinese New Year. Koreans, Tibetans, Vietnamese and Mongolians all celebrate the Chinese New Year.

6. Year of the Tiger. This year’s Chinese New Year is the tiger, which symbolizes change and action. Some characteristics of the tiger include courage, friendliness and self-reliance. The Western equivalent is Aquarius.

Happy New Year! Happy Valentines Day!

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  • bambooska

    I didn’t know about these interesting little facts of the Chinese Calendar. It was nice knowing. Here in Brazil there’s nothing to celebrate today, except Carnival. Our valentine’s day is in June!


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