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Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila (Mexico)

Ever dreamed of sitting in a thermal bath in the middle of the desert while looking at a mountaineous lanscape? Do you think it’s only possible in your dreams? Think again… Your dream may become reality.

I had the opportunity to visit Cuatro Cienegas while I was studying in Monterrey, Mexico. Cuatro Cienegas is by far my favorite place in Mexico and a MUST SEE if you ever wander off to the Northern part of Mexico. It’s located in the desert region of Coahuila state. In English, Cuatro Cienegas translates to Four Marshes. The source of the marshes (low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation) and pozas (pools) are the thermal springs.

The best way to reach Cuatro Cienegas is by car. It’s located by Highway 30, 80 km from the city of Monclova. Otherwise, consider hoping on a bus from Monclova (2 hrs), Torreon (3.5 hrs), Saltillo (5 hrs) or Piedras Negras (6 hrs).

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