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Ugly, Creepy, Unique Airports Around The World

I know most of you don’t really consider any airport interesting or at all glamour. Yet, there are a few airports that stand out as particularly egregious. First or all there are a few airports that have gone out of their way to create a beautiful airport, for us travelers, however there are a few that top the list of the ugliest. Below I included a list of the world’s ugliest Airports.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York City

This airport back in the day, was actually beautiful and modern, but as for today’s designs this airport is gracefully going down hill. Passengers are greeted with endless blank corridors and completely unclear in any sense of direction. Yet, Terminal 1 seems to be alright compared to the  other terminals.

Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow

During the summer, 1980 Olympics this airport was completed as an ugly block building. It took many years to complete this airport and nothing special came out of it, but a nightmare. It is incredible hard to navigate around this building, since it was designed on 60 degree angles to one another.

Heathrow Airport, London

Most of us backpackers have been to this airport dozen of times, considering it is the gateway into Europe. But did you know this airport portrayed no sort of design. I found this airport to be insane to distinguish what seating area you are suppose to be at. This airport is known to look like four shopping malls smashed together, what great architecture!

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali

To think this airport is the gateway to everyone’s dream vacation, it is hard to imagine once you are in this airport. It is very dark and grey, with very low ceiling to give you that creepy feeling. It may look nice from the outside, but the inside of the building is another story.

El Paso International Airport, El Paso, TX

You may think you are going to watch a baseball game, but really you are going to an airport. This building is very unique, with it’s attempt to blend into the regions style, but hardly.  The inside features western look, with dressed up counters and statues, yup very strange!

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  • Kunu

    I noticed that Lester B. Pearson Intl. in Toronto is conspicuously missing from your list ;-)

    Perhaps you’ve never had the (mis)fortune of flying there, but not only are there HUGE walks for new tourists to customs queues and a general lack of anything special in a good way, the landing fees (which get tossed into your ticket price) are officially the highest in the world, boo!!!


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