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Do Celebrities Backpack?

You may be surprised in how many celebrities actual backpack like the rest of us. Yes they travel due to their work and their vacations are usually made up of expensive, luxurious resorts, but sometime they change it up a bit and try hostels. Lately Sienna Miller was interviewed and her next adventure will be made up of hostels! Miller one of the top photographed stars is planning to attempt a typical backpacking adventure. She mentions that the proper backpacking style should involve hostels. Well I say she has that right, but can celebrities really take the next step into our backpacking world?
Miller says, “ You get to a point where you’re living to work, not working to live.” I believe every person feels this way once in his or her lifetime. Everyone has a passion for something, and Miller says her real passion besides acting is traveling. Now, we usually don’t hear a lot of celebrities backpacking, but a few do without telling anyone. Yet, most of us have heard that Ewan McGregor took a few turns in traveling to a few places across the globe. From motorcycling around Africa to backpacking Asia, and traveling to the northern parts of Canada. He is one of the lucky celebrities to discover how exciting backpacking is.

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