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Weird & Wonderful Foods Across The World

Whenever I backpack I always want to try new things, such as freaky foods. I never get the chance to try crazy, strange foods when I’m home so why not try it while I am vacationing. I have found some crazy foods, that might compile you in trying , when you start your backpacking adventure.

Fried Tarantulas-Combodia

Now if you hate spiders I would stay right away from this. They are huge spiders that are sold in markets and fried with many different spices and garlic. Yummy!! The legs of these spiders are crispy and the middle of the spider are usually a mix of eggs and internal organs.

Surstromming – Sweden

When you open a can of this, it smells so strong that you might want to open it outside. Baltic is in a can due to it needing to mature for about 2 months, so when you open it the gases are extrodinary. However, the Swedes love this and even a museum is dedicated to this food.

Puffer Fish – Japan
I don’t know about you, but I have heard many backpackers talk about this fish. This deadly fish contains tetrodotoxin at which attacks the central nervous system and will cause numbness, coma, and even death. So if not carefully planned this fish could kill you. I don’t know about you, but I rather stick with the normal, heatly fish.

Durian – Malaysia

This is a bright yellow spiky fruit know as the king of all fruits in this culture. Yet, it is banned from many known places in Malaysia. So this fruit is suppose to taste like vanille custard, but smell insanly like feces. Ya, not one of my favourite options in trying a new taste.

Guinea Pig – Peru

For those who have travelled to Peru, have you heard of Guinea Pig as a food? Well it is very well known and there are many well known books about the art of how it is cooked. It tastes like pork, but looks like rat and yes for most people they will want to spit is out.

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