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Alicia Keys in Montreal

I know I’m a week late but Alicia Keys was in Montreal on February 28th and let me tell you… what a performance! Honestly, I never bought a CD of hers and I’ve never been a really big fan but what I’ve always liked her. She seems to be a down to earth type of person at glamorous award shows and her music has always been filled with such emotions on her part. So when she booked a one-night show in Montreal, I wanted to be there.

Before I go into details about her show, let me just comment on Robin Thicke, one of the two opening performers of the concert. I have to admit that I did like his Sex Therapy song when I first heard it on my friend’s CD but let’s just say that I like the song better when I don’t have to see him perform it! From one song to another, I wasn’t impressed by his overall skills as a performance- whether it’d be singing or dancing. I kept on looking at the time throughout the entire time he was on stage and wishing I’d be watching the closing Olympic ceremonies instead! Overall not impressed!

So once he got off the stage, I was praying for Alicia to put on an awesome performance to get my money’s worth at the concert. And of course, she did! I didn’t know all the songs she played but loved the way she performed each and every song. My two favorite songs were Pray for Forgiveness and Sleeping with a Broken Heart. She played the first one on the piano, very elegantly I must say. I fell in love with the song instantly! And now that I listen to it online, it just doesn’t sound the same! My personal second favorite is Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart. I know, I know, everyone absolutely loves this song and it’s an obvious one to love but it was a thousand times better live! She started off playing it with a special instrument and then got on the electric piano. Ahh, what a wonderful song! I just can’t get enough of it!

All this to say that after seeing her live, I am definitely one of her fans now! If she’s ever in your part of town, her concert is worth to attend! She’s one of those awesome live performers, where you really get to see her talent and appreciate her music.

I leave you off with both of her Montreal performances. Share your thoughts!



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