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Off To Cannes, France In April

In a few weeks time I am off to another country! Yay! No I am not backpacking or taking a vacation, but I am traveling. I will be in Cannes, France for work!!! It’s going to be about a week long trip of work and little play, but it’s going to be exciting to be back in Cannes again. About five years ago around this time, it was my very first time in Cannes. As I think about that now, wow time passes very quickly, but it still feels like yesterday that I was backpacking Europe. For those who have never been to Cannes, well its one of those cities that you don’t want to miss on your Europe Trip. It’s filled with historic sites, great cafes/restaurants, cutie shops, and most of all the beach/hot weather. Well compared to Canada, right now, it’s going to be hot! It’s a city close to a few other cities that are a must see, such as Nice, Monte Carlo, and Marseille. They are all along the Mediterranean Coastline of France. Plus Its very easy for backpackers to hop on a train to Nice and reach another one of my favorite European destinations, Barcelona, Spain. But before you end up in Spain, you must stop and take a little gander around the second largest city in France, Marseille. It looks nothing like a large big city like Paris, but it is. The only reason for that is because of it’s traditional coastline/port feelings. Take a boat tour and site see some of the most amazing sun-baked beaches and its rough-and-tumble edginess. Yet, not only is this a large city it is France’s oldest too. So you will be surrounded by litter-swirled streets, and its coastal corniches, chicaning around rocky inlets, and little treasures. Trust me you will not want to miss this city. So once you start planning your Europe trip, keep in mind the little villages and cities along the coastline! I will keep you updated about my little adventure over to France shortly.

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