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Cuba, very soon!!

Less than 30 days to go I will be in the hot tropical sun enjoying the beach and many other wonders!! Yes I am going away again, yay! I am off to Cuba for a friend’s wedding, lots of beach, sun and alcohol. But never the less, the adventure tickle is going to still be with me. Since I have been to Cuba almost a dozen times, I think its time for me to see the city of Havana. I know, its crazy I have been to Cuba many of times and have traveled the entire country but still have never seen the capital. So this time I am going to see Havana. I am very much excited. So I have decided to pick a few places that are a must in Havana. My first stop will be the Monument of Jose Marti. This is a memorial as well as museum of the work and life of the renowned revolutionary writer. The museum consists of many personal belongings, documents, and history of Marti. Another historic site is the Cathedral of Havana. It’s 18th century architecture of full columns, baroque embellishments, and paintings of Rubens and Murillo on the altar is one Cathedral I don’t want to miss. It is said that some of Columbus remains were kept here between 1796 and 1898. Other site I will be visiting is the Castle of the three kings of Morro. This Castle was built between 1589 and 1630 and the main objective was to ward off pirates and enemy fleets. Over all what I am really excited to see is the Central Park. Surrounding this park are majestic looking 19th century buildings and a few of Havana’s oldest ad finest restaurants and hotels. Perfect to grab lunch or a drink and relax. The park in known to have exotic trees, royal palms with the gardens and a few amazing fountains. Plus around this park is the square of Arms. This square is located in the city centre and very close to the sea. It is filled with marble benches, plant life, and tones of second-hand booksellers. Well these are only a few of the places I want to see in Havana, but over all I just want to get lost in time and surround myself with tones of culture.

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