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The Circle Tour, Bon Jovi in Montreal

Where to begin? It all started with a random phone call on Thursday, my co-worker asking me what I was doing on the Friday evening. In the midst of explaining to him what my plans were, he blurted out “Do you want to go to the BJ concert”. And my reply was hell yes! He got the tickets for very cheap so off we were to the concert, on Friday March 19th at the Bell Center. I hadn’t bought tickets for this concert since I saw him two years ago live in Montreal and I’m not too familiar with his last few albums, especially The Circle. 

I know I’m not being a good critique right now but I really don’t know who was the opening act because I didn’t really care. Maybe someone can help me out with this part? So, let’s get straight to the point. The concert started around 8:40pm and ended around 11:35pm. It was a 3-hour non-stop show. God bless his energy because the level of energy was out of this world. From playing the guitar, to singing, to dancing, he kept his fans entertained throughout the entire show. He played songs from almost all his albums- old and new- anyone would have known at least one song! Some songs he played included Keep the Faith, Bad Name, Someday I’ll be Saturday Night, I’ll Be There for You, Bad Medicine, Diamond Ring, Born to Be My Baby, Hallelujah, It’s My Life, Work for the Working Man, When We Were Beautiful, Superman Tonight and Have a Nice Day.

All in all, they played a great variety of songs, the light show was awesome and the screens were moving throughout the concert which created really cool effects. So if you’re debating whether to buy tickets  or not for The Circle Tour, stop debating and go out to buy tickets… FAST!

Bon Jovi loves Montreal and Montreal loves Bon Jovi! We just can’t get enough of each other :)



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