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Racial War in South Africa May spoil the 2010 FIFA World Cup

 Hi everyone, my name is Anthony and I am a new blog writer for Off-Track Backpacking. I am currently a Political Science student at UDM. I concentrated my studies in international politics such as Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Travelers are not always aware of the political climate when traveling abroad so I’ll be focusing my posts on this matter.

So let’s start with South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. As every soccer fan in the world knows, the next world cup is scheduled for June in South Africa, in northern and southern cities. Now, an event like this will attract a large number of tourists, especially backpackers who are travelling Africa and the rest of the World. I have two words for you- Be Careful! 

If you are currently travelling in the South African area, be aware of the current racial conflict between blacks and whites that has aroused earlier this year. Only 70 miles from a 2010 World Cup football stadium, white farmers and their families are learning to defend themselves with lethal weapons. Thousands of white landowners have been killed by Zimbabwe style marauders. I digged up a bit more information to find out that the main problem in South Africa is that commercial agricultural production has taken a massive hit where land reform has occurred. And as the attacks on white farmers continue, the police seem increasingly powerless and ineffective, and farmers are turning to vigilante behavior as their way of life comes under violent assault. This is a problem that has existed from colonisation and now that the international press is in South Africa to cover the FIFA World Cup, it’s their chance to show the reality of things. It’s getting to the point that the FIFA is seriously examining their options of moving the 2010 FIFA World Cup back to Germany, where the stadiums are still standing and functioning.

So for those of you who are planning to travel in this area, I’m not implying to cancel your trip but be aware of the unstable political situation and travel safely!


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