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Space Travel

The other day I came across an article about space travel and how a few people are inquiring about it. So I decided to do a little more research about it. Yes, I know it’s not a backpacking adventure, but could it be in the future. I guess it will all depend on how much it would cost. But take a look at this.

During the last few years, a few individuals have requested to take a trip to space but nothing was ever determined in how, what the cost would, and if it’s a great idea to do so. Well you will be surprised that now the plan is taking a large jump to the next level. Within the next year you will see the first real tourists taking a journey to out of space.
How they will do this? Well there are three options. The first one is a spaceship is called Virgin Galactic. It is an ultra-light carbon composite craft that carries six people and two pilots. Your journey would start is New Mexico, where the built site is located. However you would have to be ready for about a 50,000 climb before you spit from the mother ship and from there you will be pulled by a rocket ship going about 2,500 Mph into space. You will have the chance to view the earth for a day and than returning with a cost of $200,000.
As for the second option, it is a little more expensive. At a rate of $95,000. This spaceship is a Lynx suborbital vehicle called the Xcor Aerospace. This ship is extremely fast and it is said that it could make this trip to space four times in one day. It uses liquid fuel rocket engines to hit twice the speed of sounds at 200,000 feet before gliding back to earth in 30 min. This adventure would start in California.
Now for the most expensive space trip of $14.9 million your adventure would start in Nevada. This spaceship is called Genesis 2. Now I would say that’s a little a out of the budget for a vacation.

So sooner than we all thought, that next big adventure will be hitting up the unknown- SPACE. Crazy thought!

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  • connie

    Great article Nara! Straight to the point regarding price tag. I was wondering what do you get for each of them as far as accommodations, do you know? Take care, Connie

    • naradb

      Oh I know! Wouldn’t be amazing to take a trip to space!!? As far as travel goes, so far a trip is what is in store for these trip/prices. Pretty crazy, but at the same time, pretty cool. Maybe one day eh, when we are all millionaires. ahhaha

  • Sophia

    Nara! Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of a trip to space… I still believe this will be possible. Hopefully for my grandkids at least, or if I win billions! ;)


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