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Marrying Abroad

Within the last five years getting married abroad has become the latest trend. Many destination weddings are becoming the perfect spot for couples to celebrate their love with loved ones in a more cheaper and easier way. This idea of all weddings heading to vacations spots has now risen from about 16 percent to now over 25 percent. Why? Well there are many benefits in getting married abroad, one being able to save a lot of money. According to Canada an average wedding these days is about $26,000 or more, while a destination wedding usually runs the couples only about $6,000. This huge savings is due to guests paying their own way to the vacations spot and having the option to not only consider this a wedding vacation but also a trip too. Plus now a days most resorts consider large group discounts and much of the expenses are cut in half. Also, consider how little vacations Canadians get in a year and on average a Canadian will only take one vacation/trip once a year due to work. So this combination of seeing a family/friend get married and spending time with them on vacation is a huge bonus. Plus with a wedding abroad the bride and groom will always consider giving their guests a least one year of notice, due to booking fees, saving money, and booking time off work. However, since destination weddings are filled with lovely options, many brides and grooms get overwhelmed with options and sometimes the budget can exceed to unnecessary reasons. So the number one thing to consider is to plan and discuss abroad weddings with a travel agency. It is much easier for an agent to plan the accommodation/airfare for all guests due to budget and arranging payments. Also, there is little planning and stress for the wedding party, which usually take a lot of press off the families. So overall there are many benefits to marrying abroad, but would you consider it?
So in about three weeks time, this will be my first vacation to see and experience a friend getting married abroad. I have been to a few wedding lately, due to many of my friends getting hitched, but experiencing one while on a vacation will not only be fun, but also great experience to spend time with a bunch of great people. Plus, since I am a backpacker taking advantage of a little site seeing will be the number one thing on my list too!!!

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  • Sophia

    Hey Nara, My friend got married last year in Dominicain and we had a great time! Lots of things to consider though, so speaking the language would advantage the bride and groom as well. I took notes ;) Enjoy your trip! Good times ahead!


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