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The Beauty of Having International Friends

A great advantage of traveling is finding yourself with friends from all over the world.  Although it is common to have most of your friends living in the same city as you, things kind of change when you start to travel. Sometimes, all you need is to spend a few hours or a few days to create a great bond with someone and then maintain a friendship over the course of a lifetime. Yup, even if you don’t live in the same city!

Although I’m not a huge fan of social media, it is indeed a great way to keep in touch with friends from abroad. It’s fun to stay updated with their lives and see what they are up to by simply surfing facebook. International conversations became that much easier with Skype- and especially when you have it available on your phone!

So do you want to know what’s a great way to escape from your routine? Having friends from abroad visiting you! It breaks your routine without going anywhere. I have to admit that every few months, I’m hosting or entertaining friends from different countries whom I met while traveling or living abroad- and I love it! It’s always a great pleasure to reconnect and create new memories to look back on!  

In the last three weeks, I’ve been surrounded by the English, the French, the Spanish and a friend from home but currently living in Halifax. It’s priceless.

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Tanya is an adventurous person who most enjoys the cultural aspect of traveling. She traveled to North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Europe. When she's not hiking mountains, she spends her time visiting local schools or families. It's a nice break from the 9-5 corporate life.

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  • Federico

    So very true Tanya. And then there are all those people who might not be close friends but are friends that have been made along the trip and will visit whenever you have a chance-or he/she does!

    In this sense couchsurfing is one of the best ways of meeting people and actually getting to know them i’d say…

    maitravelsite dot com

    • Tanya

      I agree! Sometimes it’s those really short but meaningful moments abroad that allow you to maintain a friendship over a lifetime.
      I’ve never done couchsurfing though. Not sure if I really trust it. Have you done it?


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