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FRANCE – a week long trip!

This Saturday is the big day!! I am hoping a plane to head over to FRANCE. As mentioned in a pervious post I am going to Cannes, France for work. So no backpacking Europe but at least I will be out of the country and seeing a new city. Well kind of because I have already seen Cannes before, but that was five years ago. So lots of change has happened since than, well for me anyways.
So why am I going to Cannes? Well I work for a Canadian production company and for those who are in the entertainment industry you probably have heard of MIPTV. Those who have never heard of it, well it is a conference to connect to the global entertainment content industry. It is a market that gives you the first taste of the newest programs, freshest formats and the latest technologies to hit TV, Internet, mobile, and online games. People in the industry are producers, sales agents, program buyers, Internet and mobile players, advertisers and licensing executives. This is not just a European conference, it is a global conference, and so everyone who works in this industry will be there! There are about 12,000 participants from over 102 countries and many marketing events. If you are wondering where all these people are going to be held, well imagine the Emmy Awards. Yes, that big building with the red carpet. The Palais des Festivals is mostly only known to hold the Emmy Awards; well it also holds many festivals and conferences during the year. I am guessing if you have already been to Cannes you probably have walked that red carpet and wondered what is this building really called, well now you know! YUP, I will be there! As far as work goes, I will be busy working away and attending this global conference, but when it comes to after work hours, well that’s another post! So you will have to follow my posts next week to see how this weeklong trip is going for me. Instead of writing, I think a few videos will show you how my experience is going so far. So I will keep you posted next week about me visiting a few sites, eating in cute cafes, and networking/meeting lots of people.

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