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Feels good to be back in Cannes, France

After 13 hours of flying, I have finally arrived in Cannes, France. As first impression after five years, its a whole lot of wow. Things have change! I know, not very usual for Europe, but its not the buildings that have changed its the amount of stores and resturants that have been added to the water fronts main street. There are now many designers stores, which is what I expected since Cannes is the center of upper class, but at the same time it makes the water front look fuller and has a touch of California feeling to it too.Funny, I know. Yet if you walk down Venice Beach in L.A you will notice window shoppers crawling everywhere, well it feels like that here now too. However, the smell of the Mediterranean Sea with the combination of Gelato ice cream and crepes is a smell that I have missed for so long. It brings me back to when I travelled Europe last. Anyways, so far the weather is okay and the conference is free sailing. As for the hotel I am staying at, well lets just say its a picture perfect, cutie European style hotel. Its place that would never exist in North America, sadly but true. Only because a small, narrow, five story, looking doll house with blue shedders, yellow paint and gardens surrounding the hotel would just not really fit in our large, wide spread cities. So yes I am loving to finally be back in Europe! Well I would love to write more but this keyboard is starting to drive me crazy if you know what I mean. Plus keep toned!

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