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Europe Vs America: Two visions of life

 Many people often ask me, what is Europe like? Or how is life in Europe? I’d like to say that it’s an easy question to answer, but unfortunately it isn’t. My personal opinion is that life is more appreciated in the old continent. Sure when you live in America, you are considered spoiled, we have everything they have; the difference is that we don’t pay attention to the details. For example, when we wake up in the morning for our daily routines, we usually stop by Tim Hortons for a fast cup of coffee or we prepare one at home, all under the rush of not being late for work. In Europe, things are a little different. People tend to wake up earlier and take a walk to the bar and socialize while having their coffee before heading to a hard day of work. This style of life is easily observable in the Irish, Italian and arab community in Montreal. The whole aspect of socializing, being connected and building bonds is a lot more important then it is in our culture.

Another important point that distinguishes Europe from America is the whole work aspect. What I mean by this is that here in our beloved America, we live to work, but in old Europe, they work to live. It’s a big difference that can easily change your perception on life in general. For instance, in the village that my family is from in Italy, Aielli, after a hard morning’s work in the fields, the men come back home for lunch and eat with their family and cherish that moment. Here in America, we are timed for one hour for lunch, you have to punch out, go eat, be back on time and get right back to work. Maybe a fast phone call to the kids and wife or husband, but it still doesn’t give you much time. So you’re getting my point right? It might sound like a microscopic difference but I think it has a big impact on the European way and vision of life. This said, I strongly suggest to all the readers and backpackers out there to experience this by yourselves by travelling Europe and visiting the cities and villages in the old continent. A big high five to Tanya and Nara for the liberty of letting me write this non-political related article.

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