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My Last Few Days Left In Cannes

After a few days of meetings and chatting with many people, this work event has gone very smoothly, even though there are thousands of people from across the world that are exchanging ideas and creating new ones, the scene can be very overwhelming. However, for me it is a huge learning environment that makes me want to learn even more about producing and the whole concept of the entertainment industry. Plus travelling for work is always a plus for me, considering I am a huge travel junkie. As far as Cannes goes, well I needless to say that I love the French Rivera and everything about the small city feeling. Its great to get away from the busy and the bustle of Toronto and enjoy the laid back, relaxing environment of France. I think that is why I have missed Europe so much is because its so laid back that it filters you to relax and enjoy the moments much more.
The last few nights I have walked through little alley ways of the old part of the old town and enjoyed a latte on the steps of the hill towards the old palace. These building are small, low, wooden, like cottages -stores and restaurants that are located along the cliff of the old town at which slowly crawls to the top of the hill where the palace is located. It is the perfect scene to people watch and admire the view of the sea and the old buildings.
As for last night a co worker and I had dinner and drinks at a small, modern lounge with people surroundings us from many different countries. It was such a strange feeling to see people chatting in so many languages. Although I must say the food was amazing and after a few drinks everything seemed too perfect. Anways I will have to post a few photos soon once I arrive back in Canada on Saturday.

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