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Stuck in Cannes, due to a Volcano

>>Yes, I am one of the many thousands of people stuck with no flight home. Its really crazy to think that a volcano in Iceland has caused all this craziness and mess all over Europe. I was suppose to leave this morning for Toronto, although all western, northern European airports are closed until Wednesday. So as a result my flight was pushed to Wednesday and get this, I leave very soon after to Cuba! So my fingers are crossed and hoping that I will make my flight to Cuba. Yet on the other hand, this also means more time in Cannes. So I have a weekend to see a few things I missed on the first time I ever came to Cannes. So the plan is to see Nice and Monte Carlo (not get kicked out of the Casino this time) and also visit the island of Saint Marguerite . The island is know to be one of the most beautiful locations of Cannes. It has one of the most extraordinary museum’s called Musee de la Mer. It is the home of the famous prison where the Man in the Iron Mask was held during the reign of Louis XIV. It also holds the Royal Fort that held the war of thirty years, which was built by the Spanish between 1637, until the 20th century. So as result of all this craziness, I am taking advantage of this wonderful weekend. Check out a few photos that I have uploaded.

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