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5 Ways to Work-Out on Your Way to Work

So do you feel like you’re lifestyle has drastically slowed down since you work full-time? I hear lots people complaining about it but not many actually do something about it! So here are a few tips:

Bike to Work: More and more cities are investing on bike paths so take the opportunity to bike to work.  Not only will you save money on gas or subway/train passes but you’ll get a daily garanteed workout. Even if you spend only 30mins biking per day, you’ll feel the difference.  Just make sure to wear a helmet. Don’t trust the drivers out there!

Walk or Jog: Fed up of spending 3$ on coffee during your coffee breaks? Take advantage of that free time to go for a quick jog or speed walk. It will get your heart pumping, get your metabolism going and save you some $$$. If you don’t have coffee breaks, take advantage of your lunch hour.

Going up the stairs: Does the elevator take too much time to arrive after pressing the button? So why not take the stairs? If you’re currently out of shape, start by going up shorter flights of stairs (in the subway for example) and then try to go up the flight of stairs to get to your floor at work.  It’s great exercise for the buttox. I just hope you’re not on the 30th floor!

Rollerblading to work: If you’re good at skating, you’ll be great at rollerblading. If you’ve never skated, learning how to rollerblade is relatively easy. So if buying a bike is to expensive, you should definitely invest in a good pair of rollerblades. You can choose to rollerblade to work or during your breaks- I’ll leave that up to you!

Work-out before going to work: Lastly, THE best way to be in shape is to actually workout or play a sport. For all your early birds, training in the morning would be the most beneficial way to stay in shape or shed the pounds since it will speed up your metabolism and increase your energy for the entire day.  If you’re like me and prefer to sleep in, you have no other choice but to train in the evening. Go for it!

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