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Visiting Washington D.C: The Birth Of American Democracy

US Capitol


When we think of backpacking, we rarely think about places close to us, such as Western Canada or even the Northern  USA. We all know that backpacking is far more exotic and adventurous in the jungles of South America, in the historic streets of Europe or in the ancient hispanic civilizations of Mexico. But, I think it is very important to discover the interesting stories of places just like Washington D.C. This city is the birth of democracy and has so much history to it.

If ever you are planning on going to Washington some day, here is what you cannot afford to miss out on. First of all if there’s a full moon, head to the National Arboretum for a moonlight hike. Each month on the Friday and Saturday evenings following the full moon, an Arboretum staff member leads hikers on a five-mile trek through the 444 acre park, tucked away in the northeastern corner of DC. On the two-hour guided tour, hikers travel past scenic woodlands, often catching a glimpse of the creatures who venture out after dark.

Also, warm weather brings out the best of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, one of Washington, DC’s most remarkable natural attractions. Located in the Southeast quadrant of the city along the east bank of the Anacostia River, Kenilworth is the only National Park devoted to the propagation and study of aquatic plants.  In addition, for those who love biking, it one of the best ways to navigate the nation’s capital. Visit DC’s familiar monuments on a guided tour with Bike and Roll. Two and three-hour overview tours of the city are offered daily from March through November.

                                                        Lincoln Memorial

If the seat on your bike hurts your bum, you can always go for a run by joining a group of runners called DC Run that also give you a guided tour while running, how amazing.  Obviously, after a hard day of hiking, pedaling and running, you’ll have to cool down by going out and have a drink right? Of course. But how do you choose the right club or bar when you don’t know much about Washington? It’s not a problem because they have Boomerang, a colorfully painted party bus run by two locals interested in providing a hassle free time out in DC, will transport you to four or five bars and clubs in one night ,a fool-proof way to avoid parking challenges, lines and cover charges. I hope you enjoy your time in Washington D.C and don’t forget to come back and share the adventure with us.

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