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The New Backpacker’s Guidebook

After receiving an email from this random person asking us to read his recent book called The New Backpacker’s Guidebook, we decided to write a post on it to show our support! This random person turns out to be Craig McMahon, an author from Upstate New York who spent over a year working in Dublin last year. He has an extensive list of countries he traveled to including Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Czech, Bosnia, Macedonia, Mongolia, Russia and China to name a few.

The New Backpacker’s Guidebook provides simple yet useful tips for new backpackers. The book targets individuals who have thought about backpacking but never actually got around to it. When reading the book, you’ll realize how the chapters relate to the stages of the backpacking experience- from deciding where to go to the departure countdown to the first morning abroad and going back home. It’s a compact book and an easy read. 

I don’t think the book would however appeal to more experienced backpackers since the it provides information that more they should have already acquired through their travels. Although most of the tips mentionned in the book are somewhat obvious, they still remain tips that newbies need to hear over and over before, during and after their first backpacking trip. Without going into too much detail, the book states that you should follow your gut feeling when you travel. And yes, this is an obvious piece of information but for some reason, most new travelers choose to ignore their gut feeling when they’re on the road. The book also provides useful items that should be in everyone’s backpack. Which, once again, if you didn’t know prior to leaving on your first trip, you’ll know for the next one because those items that seem meaningless turn out to be essential when backpacking!

The New Backpacker’s Guidebook can be purchased online on for US$11.95. A compact book for cheap, you have nothing to lose!

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