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So How does Backpacking Relate to the Dating Lifecycle?

Anyone who does some online research will quickly find the 5 stages of dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy and engagement. Now, this is true when you meet a new “potential” candidate. But for all you single people out there, did you ever think about the way you act depending on where you find yourself in the dating lifecycle?

Exploration Phase

The first phase stands for all newly admitted people to singlehood. You take the opportunity to date, meet people and go on random dates just for the sake of it. It’s fun and you’re careless. The last thing on your mind at this point is traveling alone because you are surrounding yourself with lots of people to keep your mind off of reality! Most people at this point prefer to take a trip with their friends, like an all-inclusive vacation in the Carribean.

Self-Discovery Phase

The self-discovery phase comes after dating a few (or many) people. After going a couple of bad dates, you begin to realize what you like and don’t like in the opposite sex. You become a little more selective with the people you date. At this stage, you are ready to go on a backpacking trip but will probably not feel ready to travel on your own so you’ll plan a backpacking trip with a friend. You’re ready to take traveling to the next notch but quite not sure how to do so. Which is absolutely normal!

 Self-Acceptance Phase

This is when you know who you are and what you are looking for. You no longer spend free nights dating random people because you prefer doing something more productive with your time. At this phase, you’re 100% comfortable with yourself and should feel ready to take a trip on your own because you’re no longer afraid of spending some (more) time alone. This is where you should be picking a destination you’ve been wanting to travel to. Whatever you do, don’t think twice about it. Just do it!

Keep in mind that this post was written in the broad sense of the “dating” word. One thing for sure though, being ready to backpack will depend on you and you only. It’s simply a matter of overcoming those fears you may have.

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