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Mont Saint-Bruno Hike

Over the years and the places I’ve traveled to, I’ve grown to enjoy hiking.  So this summer, I’m on a mission. On a mission to hike different mountains in the Montreal area.

My first mountain this year is Mont-St-Bruno, in Lanaudière, about 40 kilometers away from Montreal. If you’re new to hiking and looking for an easy mountain to hike, you should definetely head to Mont-Saint-Bruno. Le Sentier des Lacs (the lakes trail) is a 8.8km trail that takes you around 5 lakes. Although you do have some uphill involved, it’s an easy path to hike since you’ll be hiking almost flat land and some hill that will not be too steep.

If you want to increase the difficulty of the trail, you can alway increase the speed at which you are walking or consider jogging. The scenery is pretty and a great way to be out of the city without being too far away.

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