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My Trip To France

During the month of April I have just spent the last three weeks traveling around the world. Well kind of, I went from Cannes, France to Varadero, Cuba. Although France was a work trip it did feel like a little vacation, only because I was away from the office for three weeks. But Cuba was my vacation and spending it with great friends was amazing.
First I will start with a little about my trip to France. It all started with just a work conference to France for only a week. Yet this week turned into ten days due to the volcano. I really couldn’t ask for better planning and luck. I was a little nervous about the delay in France only because I had a wedding in Cuba very shortly after my work trip.

Monte Carlo

So leaving the Wednesday from France to catch my flight out to Cuba the same day from Toronto was just a little stressful. So with just a bit of luck I made all flights and ended up in Cuba safely. So if you are wondering what I did in France for those extra days, well just guess!! Yes, traveling of course. I have already been to the French Riviera, but seeing it again brought back so many wonderful memories. The first day of finding out that our flight was delayed we headed over to Nice.

Now I was thinking it would all look the same as five years ago, well lets just say the only thing that did look the same was the train station and the beach. Nice has improved so much it surprised me. There were many streets that lend to the train station that use to be slummy and not very attractive, well now those streets have turned into beautiful shopping areas. With the buildings all painted the same bright red colour and modern trains zooming around, everything I remembered about Nice was different.
During this day a few friends and I spent lunch in Nice and wondered around freely to enjoy the warm summer air.
As for the next day, we worked a little on our laptops and for the rest of the day we headed over to Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo hasn’t change but no matter how much time you spend there, it remains beautiful. The scenery is something you just won’t ever find in Canada. I could just sit at the top of the hill where the palace is located and stare at the city for hours without getting bored. A co-worker and I walked around for hours enjoying the scene of the busy people with their flashy cars outside the casino, the grand palace, and people watched. Although during this time the Grand prix was only four days away, so there were many tourists getting ready for this big event.
As for the remaining days, and being a little stressed about my flights and all I spent the days on the Beach of Cannes, enjoying the smell of the sea and the warm sun on my face. As you can tell I love the beach, but being surrounded by beautiful scenery I really could ask for more. Over all I was one of the lucky ones who got stuck in Europe because of the Volcano.

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  • Federico

    It’s great when you get to travel for free….but even more when you get extended vacation thanks to a volcano! lol Glad to hear you had fun Nara…it’s been a while since I last visited Nice

    maitraveslite dot com

    • naradb

      Thanks Federico for the lovely comment. It was a great trip/vacation. I already miss France!! hahaha


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