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CUBA, The Catamaran Excursion

After a busy two weeks, I finally made it back in time for my flight to Cuba. Once I was at the airport everybody was shocked that I made it on time and were all pretty happy. Not mention that I was so jet leg and exhausted from a 13 hours flight. Although my vacation was starting, I couldn’t be in better company then my close friends.

Club Night

Once we arrived in Varadero, Cuba it was already midnight, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. Yes, with only a max of 3 hours of sleep I seemed to make it out to a local nightclub just off the beach with a few Miami Vices in my hand. Also not to forget taking a quick swim in the sea when its pitch dark, is very exciting. So for a first night on my vacation it was already starting to look pretty good.
For the rest of the week we as a group of 46 people planned a lot of excursions. But a few of them we did on your own or as a small group. I did a lot of excursions, considering how much I love the beach, but I seemed to keep pretty busy with doing a few adventures. The excursions I did were the catermaran, swimming with dolphins, sightseeing the city of Havana, talking the moped out for spin around the local towns, feeding baby alligators, and seadooing.

The Catamaran

The Catamaran was the party boat. With almost the entire wedding party on board and another 30 people too, it was the perfect day to drink all day and be merry. Starting from 9am in the morning on the boat until 5pm, it was the perfect hot day to enjoy the sea breeze. Our first stop on the boat was snorkeling in the middle of sea with no one in sight. There were thousands of fish, from bright small blue ones to huge big bright yellow ones. It was amazing just to stare into another world and see so many different creatures at once. Considering this wasn’t my first time snorkeling it did have to be one of the best spots I have snorkeled before. After an hour of snorkeling, the boat took us to see dolphins. Now I have seen dolphins before, but I have never swim with them. It was so much fun, they swim along side with you and do crazy flips, kisses, and pull you around. Gotta say, it was one of my favorite moments during the trip. The third stop the boat made was a small private island with bright white sand and amazing seafood. We have a huge lunch on this island that was filled with fresh seafood. It was very yummy. After lunch a few of us went swimming. It was great because the sand was so soft and white that it felt like clay but it wasn’t. So a friend and I had a little fun with putting sand on our faces and taking a quick natural facial. Must say, by the time we were laughing so hard about it, we had half the beach copying us. Plus I think it was one of the best facials I have ever had, since the next day my skin felt like silk.


We spent the rest of the day at the beach, but my the time it was home time, the crew of the boat had as dancing to crazy Spanish music and drinking lots of rum. So over all this excursion was one of the highlights of the trip.
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