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World Cup only 2 weeks away!

The world cup kicks off in just over two weeks and everyone’s eyes will soon be glued to the T.V. Well mine will be for sure, since I am a huge soccer fan! Plus it is only natural that I support England since half of my nationality is British. Although, if they lose, Portugal will be my next choice! But besides supporting the teams, there are three major cities that you must lay your eyes on if you are one of those lucky individuals who are going to South Africa.

Cape Town
The city to be known as the central of all Africa and the “Mother City.” Only because it is famous all over the world for its dramatically beautiful settings and amazing water fronts. One must see place in Cape Town is the island of Robben. It is where Nelson Mandela spent his 27 years in prison. Though now it is well known to be a great museum. But besides exploring the city and wandering around the newly built stadium for the games, the national parks around Cape Town are the perfect place to see the true Africa scenery.

This will be another very busy city in weeks to come, due to Johannesburg having two large world Cup stadiums within driving distance between each other. Many fans will not only be around the stadiums, but also sightseeing the city’s famous art galleries, markets, and restaurants. Yet, one major thing to experience in this large city is hear and see the latest Kwaito, which is known to be South African hip hop. Very popular among the locals, so if you want a taste of true African music I say takes a listen to this.

Just a few steps away from Durban, this city is well known to be the hub for fruit farming. It is not near any of the Indian Ocean beaches, but it does contain abundance of national parks around the city itself. Very close by the South Africa’s flagship state park it is one of the many national parks to see real African wildlife. This area is also very common to be the perfect place for camping.

Consider this while you are visiting the hub of the World Cup, not only choose to see a game but also sightsee the many destinations South Africa has to offer.

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