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Riding in a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand

We all heard about the political turmoil in Thailand these days. But have you ever heard of the word tuk-tuk?

Tuk-tuks are a popular mode of transportation in most Asian countries (South-East Asia, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Shri Lanka). It’s basically a three-wheeler motorised vehicle that has a cabin in the back where a maximum of 3-4 passengers can fit. In the streets of Bangkok, the tuk-tuk is used as urban transportation- similar to a taxi. 


  • You can easily flag one down, hop in it and you’ll be wandering the streets of Bangkok in no time. Do however make sure to negotiate the price prior to getting in the tuk-tuk.
  • You’ll avoid the major traffic jams in the city.


  • During the ride, you’ll be inhaling all the polluted air (mainly fumes from cars and buses in front of your tuk-tuk)
  • If it rains, you’ll get wet.
  • The motor is loud.

Riding a tuk-tuk is definitely a must when backpacking Asia. It’s part of their culture, thus part of your experience! You can ride it from one place to another for the sake of riding it but if you’re planning on traveling longer distances, stick to a metered taxi. Good luck!

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