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Top 5 Cities in The World to Live In!

While traveling the world is adventurous, fun and challenging all at once, most of us spend most of our time living in one location- at least for a few years! But how should we go about to picking that location? Let’s take a look at the best cities to live in for 2010, according to Mercer.

City No 1- Vienna, Austria 

When I visited Vienna a few years back, I was in complete aw with this white-looking city. At the home of Mozart, you feel the presence of art, theatre and opera as soon as you first walk around the city. I had the opportunity to attend a classical music show.  Not to miss when (not if) in Vienna. 

City No 2- Zurich, Switzerland

When I think of  Zurich, two things come to mind: Being broke and eating lots of chocolate! As one of the most expensive places in the world, be ready to dish out the moulah. But Zurich certainly won’t disapoint you.

City No 3-Geneva

As one of the places I wanted to visit when in Geneva, the furthest I got was Lausanne however. I’ll eventually get to Geneva, reknowned for the presence of numerous internaltional organizations and a global financial center. As the fourth most expensive city in the world, do make sure to save some money before heading to Geneva.

City No 4- Auckland, New Zealand & Vancouver, Canada






Surprisingly, I’ve never been to New Zealand and I’ve never been further West than Toronto in Canada. But what I do know about Auckland is a city of yatch’s and sheeps. With more yatch’s and sheeps per capita in the entire world, how can you not be drawn to visit Auckland one day? After hosting the Winter Olympics 2010, Vancouver is definitely one of the cool places to be at the moment. Close to both the Rockies and the beach, it’s difficult to avoid this destination.

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