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Honeymoon Spots for Adventurous Newlyweds

As summer is approaching, bells are ringing and couples are getting married. Although marriage is a sacred part of life, I would say the best part of it all is indeed the honeymoon! Here is a list of honeymoon spots for the adventurous newlyweds.

Argentina & Patagonia

Why not consider mixing some hot and cold? Patagonia is a region filled with the Andes, lakes and glaciers. A must see! Head towards Patagonia for some adventure and then hit the beaches near Buenos Aires for an Argentinian sunbathing experience.

Sailing in the Aegean Sea

For those of you who always dreamed about visiting the Greak Islands, now is the time. Be adventurous and venture off in the to Aegean sea, the sea between Grece and Turkey. Take some time and stop at whichever island you prefer. 

Sunbathe in Borneo

 Once upon a time, a volcano erupted and formed an island. As the 3rd largest island in the world, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei were born. Almost any place on the island is paradise. It’s just a matter of picking a spot and enjoying!

Climb a Mountain in Nepal

 Not a beach person? Consider Nepal for a real hiking and cultural as well as religious experience. You may not be fit to climb Mount Everest but you’ll a plentiful of options.

Take a Safari in Kenya and hit Zanzibar

Be bold and embark on an African Safari, filled with lions, elephants and zebras. Once you’re done enjoying the adventure, hit the beach at Zanzibar.

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