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World Cup Deception For Italians and French and Celebration for South Americans

We all know that this World Cup is very unusual, the Italians, 2006 champions and the French, 2006 finalist, are out of the competition. I cannot recall the last time that both the French and the Ialians did not participate to the knockout round of the tournament. With them, joins Greece, and most African teams, except Ghana who have surprisingly passed. But there is good news for the South American teams, who have in majority passed the first phase of the tournament. Teams like Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico are all making their ways to the next round. But it is obviously Paraguay and Uruguay who deserve all of our attention, for they don’t usually make it to the World Cup.

The people in South America are celebrating as if they had already won the cup, and we saw last week, after Chili’s win over Switzerland, the people were going insane in Santiago. I guess they very well deserve to win because they are playing extremely good soccer. Also, it is obvious that the American team this year has very well improved compared to 2006. I think they actually have a chance of going far this year because you can feel that they play as a team and don’t rely on individual skills to win. Whatever happens this year, I truly believe that a South American team will win the cup, and more importantly, deserve to win it. For all the italians and french out there, the European Cup is only two years away, don’t worry.

Sebastian Abreu of Uruguay celebrates his goal during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Play Off Second Leg Match between Uruguay and Costa Rica at The Estadio Centenario on November 18, 2009 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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