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How to Pick the Perfect Backpacking Partner

Let it be a road trip, a vacation or a backpacking trip, most of us are looking for friends to share the experience with. For those who have already traveled with friends know that there are two outcomes after a trip: You’re either still friends or never want to see the person again! Being friends with someone is a whole different ball game than being travel buddies. The criteria is different which means that friends are not necessarily good travel buddies. Don’t get fooled! So how would you go about choosing a travel buddy?

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  1. Consider the type of trip you’re planning: We’re all different. Some of us consider backpacking a vacation. Others prefer lying on a beach for their entire trip. Some enjoy some sight seeing but without the adventurous aspect of it. Before asking a friend to join you on your big trip, figure out what type of trip you’re planning and make sure your friend has the same taste in travel.
  2. Consider the budget: If you’re budgeting for hostels and your friends prefers hotels, you may have a problem. It’s important that your travel buddy and you are on the same page when it comes to budget if you want to avoid fighting everytime you need to pick lodging or restaurants. It’s normal that you don’t have the exact same number for the budget but you need to be somewhat close in number.
  3. Compromising: Compromising is a major aspect when traveling with a friend. As opposed to traveling alone, you’ll have to be open to making a few compromises or sacrifices during the trip. You may get into some disagreements where one of you will have to give in. As long as you are aware of it, you’ll be fine. But you’ll definitely have to make compromises if you wish to maintain a positive environment.
  4. Setting expectations: After choosing a partner, you need to be explicit on what your expectations will be during the trip. In times of disagreements over visiting a particular city or sight for example, do mention that you may prefer doing your own thing and will seperate from your partner for a few hours or days. That’s ok as long as you let the other person know. Some people cannot handle being alone and may freak out on you if you try to pull that during the trip.

 Most people don’t think twice about chossing the right travel buddy because they assume they’ll get along with a friend, any friend. Keep these four tips in mind and you’ll be fine!

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