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Running Of The Bulls

Last week on Tuesday, July 5, 2010 in Pamplona, Spain the annual event of the running of Bulls took place. As like every year during this time thousands of daredevils dash around the streets of Pamplona along side of six bulls. Now if you may not know how this event works, take a quick read. First off, these adventures people race ahead of the bulls and are suppose to try to keep the 500 kilograms bulls together along the 850- meter course. This event is an all day event, but really the race only takes up to 2 minutes and 45 seconds to complete. It is relatively a fast race, but also considering how fast these bulls can run. So trying to stay a head of them, you need to be sprinting very hard during those almost 3 minutes. So what I mean about this event taking place all day, well once the bulls run into the holding pen, soon afterwards they are killed by late evening. Their meat is served in many of the restaurants throughout the city.
This event in Spain and even across the world is very well known and thousands of people from all over come to watch it.
In 2005, while I was backpacking Europe I remember two guys that I met from Australia who were attending the Running Of The Bulls. I just remember mentioning, aren’t you scared about getting trampled on. As for this year several runners were knocked to the ground and a few of them were trampled on. It may sound scary to a few of us, but at the same time it is a thrilling event for others.

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  • Ralph

    Unfortunately this event is quite gruesome for me, yet i still watch it. Though i’ve only seen it on television it might sound as a great trip to see this live and in action (though far away from the bulls) :)

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    • naradb

      Hi Ralph!!
      Thanks for the comment. We would love to share our stories and join the world wide travel blog party!!!Email us with more information!


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