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Backpacking & Working In Another Country

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to experience I totally different way of backpacking. So I picked a European Country, where I knew my British passport was valid to use for a work permit. I decided on Ireland, a country that was not yet under my belt. Once I landed there I knew I wanted to find a job within the industry of bartending or serving. But that was not the hard part; it was finding a place to live. I found a job pretty easy, walked into a restaurant in this cute little neighborhood called Sandy mount in the middle of Dublin. I got hired right on the spot and started working the very next day. It was an easy, fast way to make great money. Especially since I was making Euros, I really couldn’t complain. On top of that, the tips were amazing! So within a week of living there, I finally found a connection to find my own apartment. I girl who I worked with had a friend who was renting out a room in this house just down the street from my job. The price was great, for how expensive the area was. The girl’s mother, who was once one of Ireland’s top models, owned the house. It was without any doubt the best connection I made while I was there. From just getting to know my roommate and her mom, there were so many opportunities that came my way. I got to know the Irish ruby team, due my roommate having a boyfriend on the team. It was amazing to experience to wine bars, pubs, and the after parties of all the games. Plus, not only was working in the restaurant and getting to know the locals was great, but also was traveling around Ireland and really exploring their culture. So for two months straight I worked full-time, party, shopped, sights see, and made wonderful new friends. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Traveling and working is a combination that not only gives you the chance to learn another country’s culture, but also experience it too.

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