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Tangier, My First Step Into Africa

My first step in Africa was getting off a ferry from Spain and landing in Tangier, Morocco. As I did all I remember thinking is, oh this is not what I imagine Africa to be like. In a good way too, only because I pictured something else entirely and Tangier really opened my horizon to explore more than just a culture. Tangier in my mind was filled with charming markets, amazing food, decades of history, and the ultimate hangout for tourists like me.

The two main things to do from Tangier are explore Essaouira and Cap Spartel. Essaouira is a small village located along the coastline of Morocco. It is a bit of a drive from Tangier, but since you are already near the coastline, why not take a wander down the coastline to not only explore the little towns, but also see this wonderful surfing beach. It’s where many surfers across the world come to enjoy one of the continents best places to catch a few waves. For now it is Morocco’s most popular destination to relax on the beach, among one of the most popular spots for hippies too. Cap Spartel is the favourite stopping point, only because it has the most extraordinary view of the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. You see the dark blue ocean meet crystal, clear turquoise water, where white sandy beaches start along the coastline. It is something that only those who see it will grasp how amazing the scenery really is.

As far as going to Tangier for the first time, you not only should experience Essaouira and Cap Spartel, but as the Grand Socco Square that is the entrance into the Medina. It is a square filled with cafes, restaurants, and market stalls. Seeing this square will grab your attention and really help you understand the local way of life within the city. Within this square you can wander around these little alleyways that will take you to see snake charmers and musicians. From here you will enter the Medina, the old city where you can come across jewelers to herbalists. It is a market that will not only amaze you for its variety of products, but also culture.

Tangier, for years has now been the hangout of many celebrities, and tourists that can just enjoy the laid back culture.

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  • Neimar Alves Guerra

    I’m sorry but I have already been to Morocco once and despite I’ve never been to Tangier I can say that Essaouira is far away from that city.
    I would say that you should definitely visit Essaouira once you’re in Marrakesh wich is a closer city.
    I would never consider Essaouira a thing to do while visiting Tangier as you mentioned in this post.

  • Sara Brown

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  • Ralph

    A very insightful posts. Reagrdless of where you are in Africa you surely will end up having an exotic and wonderful trip i think. :)

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