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Why Am I Backpacker? See for Yourself.

I was surfing a few blogs and came across this video from the SMU Travel Bugs.


When I first saw this video, I told myself: “This is so me!”  It could not describe me any better.

I couldn’t agree more with everything that is said in this video. Once you start living outside of your comfort zone, it’s difficult to settle for a “normal” life. It’s videos like these and blogs like ours, that give me the fuel to keep on backpacking. To keep on overcoming my fears, my limits and my desire to just settle. And to keep on pushing myself to next level every time I plan my next backpacking trip.

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Tanya is an adventurous person who most enjoys the cultural aspect of traveling. She traveled to North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Europe. When she's not hiking mountains, she spends her time visiting local schools or families. It's a nice break from the 9-5 corporate life.

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