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Bad Travel Experiences

Every backpacker knows what he/her worst country or city is. Now this may not necessarily be the location. I would say over the years of my backpacking experiences I have came across many fellow backpackers, who have hated a certain place due to their experience. It has happened to me too. In 2005 while I was backpacking Italy, I came across many situations that increased my dislike towards one city – Naples. Even though I was only there for 2 nights, everything that unfolded during my stay enhanced my dislike towards the city. Although, many people would question me in why I didn’t like Naples so much. As many would say it is such a lively and vibrant city. There are so much wonderful historical and artistic treasures throughout the city limits and not to forget the small shops along the narrow streets. Yet, this was not why I disliked Naples, it was the overall experience I had in the city. Yet, even individuals who are not backpackers, can experience a place where they hated and another individual may love, but again it all comes down to your experience. A perfect example for this would be looking for reviews/ opinions on a particular country, hostels, place, or even restaurant. Even looking for a nice restaurant within your local city, you may come across some horrible reviews, but again it’s the individual’s experience. So overall it is the city/place or is it your experience that you hated, which is why you question the place/city? As for me I have only came across this dislike once, yet it could easily happen again, but I would say for the most part it is the experience that changes everything.

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