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Dancing Styles Across The World

Dancing has always been a big part of my life. Not that I am at dancer and all, but I do enjoy it. It is because when I travel and where I travel to there is always a variety styles of dancing. Every country and culture interrupts dancing differently. It maybe just be your regular club dancing or it could be, salsa, tango, or hip hop. Yet, every time you experience a country’s dancing style, it all seems to fit in so smoothly. As for me, one the most interesting dancing styles I have ever encountered is belly dancing.

Egyptian women not only belly dance because it is dancing for their culture, but it is also used as an internal massage; preparing the female for childbirth. It is by far one of the most exotic dancing there is. Belly dancing combines a cardiovascular workout with also a mental relaxation. The move of the dance holds positions in where you can tone your muscles extremely well. First using your abdominals and being able to do that perfect belly roll, will engage any muscle in your stomach to take part in. Also, hips are one of the most important parts in belly dancing. You need to create that figure eight and rotate smoothly, but also completely. This enhances your natural beauty look when belly dancing. As the arms shake in the meantime, you are toning your underarms, since you are consistently snake shaking the arms and hands. As far as keeping those arms up, your posture needs to be well balanced. For the perfect belly dancing you need to keep the grace of your posture up and complete, but not to forget this builds your back muscles too. Although as I mentioned before it’s not only great for your body, but also your mind. It is a low impact relaxation excercise, that can also improve you body confidence and self-image. Now, did you know that Belly Dancing could be so intense and major workout for your body?

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