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Planning My Trip to Africa

After much debate between South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, I finally chose my next destination! And the winner is….. (drumroll)….. TANZANIA! Not only am I going to Tanzania, but I’m giving myself a physical challenge. The challenge to climb Kilimanjaro, the 4th highest mountain in the World (5,882m), and the highest mountain you can climb without any mountaineering experience.

As my second trip to Africa (Morocco being my first) and as my second solo backpacking trip in 2 years (last year was Brazil- Amazon-Rio-Bahia), I’m trying to prepare myself mentally as well as physically. I know I’ll get those butterflies in my stomach as soon as I book my flight. I’m currently in the process of doing research and getting in touch with people who have already climbed it. The plan so far is the following, considering that I’m a solo female backpacker traveling for 3 weeks (this is the price to pay for a career!) is:

Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro climb

Machame route, also known as the Whisky route, is my trail of choice. Although the typical duration is 6 days, I’ll probably go for the 7- day option so I can allow my body acclimatize properly to the altitude. After all, I do want to reach the top so there is no rush. The trail begins from Moshi so I’ll probably fly directly to Kilimanjaro Int’l Airport to save on time. Flights to Nairobi (Kenya) seem to be cheaper but it’s a 6-hour bus ride to Moshi and I’ll need a visa, I believe.

African Safari


One cannot go to Africa without embarking in a safari experience! I’ll be a little pressed on time so I’ll probably limit my safari experience in the Serengeti to 3-4 days. I initially thought that I’d have to fly to the Serengeti but there are tours that leave from Moshi which is awesome news! It saves me both money and time!



Ladies and gentlemen! I’m not leaving Tanzania without visiting Zanzibar! An island off the coast of Tanzania, it’s literally a beach paradise. An African island with an Arab influence, Zanzibar hasn’t changed much in the last 200 which means that its pristine beaches have been maintained in tip top shape.

The plan for now is to keep on researching flight itineraries, pricing and overall planning of my Tanzania trip. One tour operator I’ve been considering is Zara Tours. If any of you have taken a tour with them, or can suggest a good tour operator, please share the info with me!

In the meantime, I also started training. I don’t have a specific training plan for now but cardio and biking are in the plan. Trying to train 4 days per week but 3 is good, considering I’m already somewhat in shape.

If you have any information to help me plan my trip, please contact me at

Otherwise, stay tuned with updates on my next solo adventure in Tanzania. Africa, here I come!

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  • Federico @ maitravelsite

    Woohoo! Tanzania it is, good for you. I heard there is also a route called the Coca Cola route when climbing the Kili which is about 4 days long. Watch out for altitude sickness…it can be dangerous!

    You’ll have a blast…take good pictures!

  • Aditi L (

    Your trip looks amazing! WOO! Most of my friends have gotten serious altitude sickness at the top of Kili, be careful!


  • Tanya

    Federico, a 4-day long hike? No kidding your friend had altitude sickness! The most popular 5-day trail has a high failure rate because most hikers have trouble adjusting to the altitude, that’s why I rather stay on the mountain for 6-7 days and increase my chances to reach the top! I can’t afford to do this twice so I got to reach the top on the first shot!!

    Aditi, yes it is amazing! I’m looking forward it. Don’t scare me!!!!!!

  • che00

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    Is this possible?


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