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A Creative Travel Experience

As a backpacker, I am always finding myself exploring many travel/backpacking sites that does not only include great blogs, travel trips, and reading people travel experiences, but also finding some pretty amazing ideas that people can come up with. What I mean by that is, this one site that caught my eye was created due to a simple, creative idea. It was not only the idea that caught my attention but it was also reading these voyagers experiences of this trip in which they created for themselves. It is imaginative and the perfect way to see the world.

This site is called The Plastiki it is all about these individuals traveling from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia by boat. Yet, not by any ordinary boat. This boat is created with 12, 500 recycled plastic bottles in which traveled several months at seas. It by passed thousands of islands by traveling 8,395 miles in 130 days. Now there was a reason for this mission across the sea, it was to send out a message and find a solution to eliminating waste from our lives. The expedition leader David de Rothschild is speaking tomorrow, July 28th, 2010 in Sydney about this cause and why they traveled across the Pacific Ocean for it. On July 26th, the boat arrived to its destination, Sydney for it’s final stop of the crew’s voyager across the ocean.

Now tell me, isn’t this idea creative or what? It’s not only creative but also a great way to reach to people and grab their attention about an important issue around the world. The crew not only reached out to thousands, but also encouraged many fellow individuals to take the risk in creating an idea as unique as their own.

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