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A Trip To New Orleans

For the past few months I have been doing a few weekend trips, but lately I have also been thinking about seeing New Orleans. Mind you, when I do take a few days off I usually go somewhere out of North America, but this time I thought about seeing a little of the south. I have never seen the real south, so I believe New Orleans is the perfect city to start with. There are a few things within the city that many people told me to see, so I have decided to do a little more research about how my trip will be laid out.

French Quarter
The first thing on my list is to see is the French Quarter, also known to the locals as Vieux Carre. The French Quarter sits on the crescent of the Mississippi River, another one of the many highlights to see. This area is the city’s culture hub, where not only history surrounds the area, but also includes amazing architecture of a mix of Spanish, French, and Creole styles. Many courtyards, cast irons balconies, and 17th century chimneys are spotted throughout the quarter. Yet, obvious not only the architecture is important to experience, but also the delicious restaurants, history museum, wandering around the French Market, and taking in each street as the perfect shopping destination. It is said, by many do not be fooled by the French Quarter because there are some many things to experience. Since it is the home of many writers such as Mark Twain, Lafcadio Hern, and John James Audubon.

Historic Homes
I have always wanted to experience the New Orleans Plantations and the historic homes in the south. It is something where you can go back in time and grasp that feeling of the 17th and 18th century lifestyle. Even though I am a huge history lover these homes are one of the many tourist attractions for New Orleans. There is one particular plantation I am interested in seeing, which is called the Houmas House. It was once the largest sugar plantation in the world in the 18th century. The house was built in the early 17th century, but really didn’t take a purpose until 1810 where a Revolutionary War Hero, Gen Wade Hampton of Virginia purchased the property. He and his family started to shape the house into what it is today, a sugar plantation with over 300,000 acres. Among this property, there are many other plantations around the area that are filled with so much history and beauty that I plan to see.

New Orleans is known for the city to discover your love for unique cuisines. There are so many restaurants in New Orleans that are great, that choosing one will be very difficult, although there is one fun thing I really want to try. You can take a tour of the South Louisiana with Cajun and Creole classics or step into the Caribbean by sampling all the fresh seafood. Plus you can experience by dinning in as many cultures at once, Spain, Italy, Africa, South America, and France. Another. great reason to experience the true dinning life in New Orleans, is the eat in quaint courtyards and small little patios around the city limits. There is something for everyone in the city. Which is the reason why so many people around the world flock to this southern city. Plus not only is the history amazing and the food wonderful, but also the music scene. Many people just come due to the music. There is such a range of music styles in this city, that not one person can every get sick of.

So wouldn’t you say, this would be a great long weekend trip??

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