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The Difference Between Traveling Solo & With A Travel Partner

Throughout my many travels over the years, I have traveled with people and as well a solo backpacker. What I mean by traveling with someone, is a friend or an individual who you know very well. With each of my travels, every time I do travel with someone or solo it is always very different, but at the same time there are similar traits that occur too. As many people ask, “ What do you prefer, traveling solo or with someone?” Well for me it really all depends, with whom you travel with, where you travel too, and how long you are traveling for. Although, some people rather travel with someone only because it feels safer, but at the same time there are advantages and disadvantage in traveling with someone as well as traveling as a solo backpacker.

In 2005 I took my first backpacking adventure and I went solo for the first part of my trip, but for the middle of my trip I backpacked with a good friend of mine. We traveled within Europe for an about two months. Now, mind you my friend and I get a long very well and we have never argued about anything, so I knew this trip was going to be a breeze. Oh and it was, everything went very smoothly and we had a blast together. Yet, while we traveled there were certain things I did notice. But this was not only my first trip I have traveled with someone. I also experienced traveling with a boyfriend. In 2007, I traveled around China for a few weeks with a guy who I was dating at the time. We had a wonderful time, but at the same time many similar things I noticed took it’s course when traveling with someone.

The disadvantages of traveling with a travel partner:

- I found you don’t meet as many fellow backpackers compared to when you travel solo
- Everything takes a little longer within your traveling schedule due to being a duel or more.
- Everything gets a little more expensive (can depend on who you travel with). Food and nightlife budget increases.
- Places/sight seeing can be often missed due to one of you rather wanting to see something else.
- Get tired or annoyed with your travel partner’s behaviours or comparing travel advice.

The advantages of having a travel partner:

- You always feel safer, anywhere you are traveling too
- You always have company: someone to ask for an opinion, advice, chat with, party, eat, and get lost with.
- Easier to take pictures!!!
- Share experiences, moments, and can be very exciting.
- Share travel equipment

I have traveled more often as a solo backpacker only because I do prefer it and it can also be very difficult planning a random trip (that I often do) with someone who is willing to do the same. As for me traveling solo just equals more freedom in every way possible. I find when I do travel alone I see more things in a shorter time period, I meet more backpackers, I spend less money, and I do what I love – experience the world the way I want to. Yet, I have to say, there are times where I would love to have a companion to sometimes share an experience with. Also in certain countries I would feel a lot more at ease if I did have a travel partner with me. Overall it can go both ways. As for me I would recommend traveling solo if you have never backpacked before. You will taste the true traveling experience if you do travel solo. But if you do know someone who is just like you and very easy-going, that may also be a great option for you too. Just make sure you see that places you want to see when you do travel!!

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