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To The Roof Of Africa- Kilimanjaro

I came across this very inspirational video on Kilimanjaro. Some parts of this video make me wonder whether I’ll make it to the summit or not but hey, I’ll never know unless I try!


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Tanya is an adventurous person who most enjoys the cultural aspect of traveling. She traveled to North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Europe. When she's not hiking mountains, she spends her time visiting local schools or families. It's a nice break from the 9-5 corporate life.

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  • Ilja

    T, was your hike as amazing as the video? I was not very interested in climbing the mountain, but this video shows nice aspects. (i believe it was rather expensive)

    • Tanya C

      The experience was amazing! It’s crazy how hiking is mental more than physical. It’s not a physically difficult mountain but it really tests your body’s ability to adapt to high altitude. That’s the most difficult part. We hiked through 5 different eco-systems.. it was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend if you’re in the area. It’s about $1,500 for a week.


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