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Burning Man In 5 Days!!

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An event that started with only 20 people has now grow to 48,000 participates in 24 years. It all started in San Francisco on Baker Beach where Larry Harvey constructed a wooden figure and burned it. First it was only a spontaneous performace, but now it is an event where everyone in the world knows about. Known as the Burning Man. As many people say, it is an event that is very difficult to explain, only a person who has truly experienced the event can explain it. There are so many different definitions of the Buring Man experience that overall it is known to be a journey to the Black Rock Desert for one week out of a year to be part of an experimental community. It always takes place during the same time every year Aug 30 – Sept 6 and each year the price increases, for this year it is $350 per person.

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So to explain this event to you even though I have never experienced it maybe a little difficult for me to grasp the whole concept of it. But this is what I have found out about it. This event challenges people in 110 degree weather to express themselves at which they can not do in a regular day to day life. There are rules, but there are no rules in how a person can express oneself and how they contribute to the community. As a participant of this event, you are encouraged to create a theme for the year and to help it come alive, by an assortment of different arts. Whether it is paintings, costumes, or gifts, the event is filled with creating a large scale of art. It is an event to have people create, experience, understand life in there own way. Every person becomes their own individual, there own self.

This event is known to be a great way to reconnect and understand who you are. It’s known to create a different journey for you forever. It is the “ Art of the Buring Man.”

So have you ever experienced the Burning Man? If so we would love to hear about your experience.

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